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Michelle Lynn The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Girlfriend And Best Friend She Tags Along With Him On Adventures Note: Jonathan Is A Human Which Michelle Knows That Already But Actually Michelle And Jonathan Are Cousins Michelle Wore An Black T-Shirt Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach She Also Wore An Light Red T-Shirt Over Her Black T-Shirt She Worn Light Blue Shoes She Wore Black Fingerless Taped Gloves She Wore Black And White Sneakers She Had White Eyelids And Yellows With Black Irises

Basic Information

Name: Michelle The Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Date Of Birth: September 1st, 1991

Birthplace: Temperal City (Jonathan's Residence)

Age: 16

Race: Hedgehog

Occupation: Waitress

Likes: Jonathan And Her Friends

Dislikes: Evildoers

Affiliated With: Team Purity

Alignment: Good

Background Information

Michelle Was An Warrior Assisting Team Purity In Their Battle To Stop Eggman From Taking Over Mobius Team Purity Who Resides In Temperal City Had Sent Out An Signal To Jonathan Which Jonathan Clearly Can See


Michelle Is More Of An Attacker She Possesses These Abilities

Chaos Control

Michelle Is The Only Hedgehog That Can Do Chaos Control

Chaos Boost

Michelle's Primary Ability Which Allows Her To Use Chaos Boost (Sonic Invented This One In Sonic Unleashed)


Michelle Is Very Fast On Her Skates Making Her Hard To Bring Down


Michelle Has An Arm Band That Can Shoot Lasers From Both Arms Making Her An Assassin

Weapons Expertise

Michelle Is Excellent With Weapons Including Guns And Explosives

She Had The Same Abilities In Jonathan And The Metal Female Hedgehogs (Movie)


Michelle Is More Of An Laid Back Hedgehog Who Knows Her Role On Team Purity And Smiles At Jonathan Seeing As He Makes Her Day Complete


Jonathan-Michelle First Met Jonathan During The Xorda Invasion And Invited Him Back To Temperal City Where She And Fellow Team Purity Members Are Waiting For His Arrival Jonathan Turned Super Saiyan 2 Hannah The Echidna Laughed

Michelle The Wolf-Michelle Is Great Friends With Michelle The Wolf She And Michelle Are Good Buddies And Know Each Other Well

Sugar The Hedgehog-Michelle And Sugar Get Along Great Sugar Always Asks Michelle About Jonathan And Michelle Says He's Doing Great Sugar Is Also An Member Of Team Purity

Hannah The Echidna-Michelle And Hannah Are Best Pals Hannah And Jonathan Are Also Friends Who Help Each Other

Becky The Hedgehog-Michelle And Becky Are Great Friends And Partners Becky Is Better At Combat And Other Things

Flinzy The Tiger-Flinzy And Michelle Are Great Buddies Flinzy Is More Of An Inventor And Invents Things For The Team Flinzy Did In Fact Give Jonathan An New Invention Known As "Turbo Shoes" Which Now Are Roller Skates Like Shoes They Make Their Appearance In The Rise Of Prelates And Enerjak In Which Jonathan Uses Them

Adult Rosy The Rascal-Michelle And Adult Rosy Met For The First Time And Hugged Each Other

Appearances In Movies

The Movie: Eggman's Takeover Of Mobius With Help From The Suppression Squad Which Is Set To Have Team Purity, Jonathan And Michelle In It We Also Get To See Adult Rosy Who Is Different From Rosy She Is Calm And Collected Is On Team Purity She Also Has Weapons At Her Disposal In Her Backpack The Team Travels In An SUV Vehicle And Sugar The Hedgehog Who Is Appearing In The Movie Is Basically The Leader Although Jonathan Has Shown Alot Of Leadership Qualities Which Sugar Was Excited About Jonathan Was The Co-Leader The Second Movie: The Rise Of The Prelates And Enerjak Which Now Is Set In The Future In Dark Mobius Flare The Fire Fox Along With Truffles And Rhythma The Fox, Tanya The Brown Fox And Aurora The Hedgehog Makes Their Debuts In That Movie As Members Of Team Purity Other Movies That Star Team Purity, Jonathan, Michelle The Hedgehog, Sugar The Hedgehog, Adult Rosy The Rascal And Flare The Fire Fox Are Finished Such

Team Purity's Movies

There's One Movie That Stars Team Purity

Team Purity: Stopping The Suppression Squad-Which Also Takes Place In The Future


An TV Series Is Confirmed It Will Be Called Jonathan

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