Mizuki Cross The Hedgehog is From The Future and is a 2nd Cousin To Silver the Hedgehog and Many Brother's and Sister's or as She calls the Nii-sans and One-sans as being youngest and the only AgeJumper(Or AG For short) in the Family. Taken From Her Nii-sans and One-sans at age 5 to be trained and "Powered Up" With some very deadly powers such as her vocal-powers(By being a Vocaloid Like Miku Hatsune) makes her able to use: Vocal-Scream(Makes the foe's Ears Bleed and makes them go crazy), Playing-with-sound(Which let Mizuki peer into ur mind see ur thoughts and past thoughts which Drives Silver crazy XD!!) and this Vocaloid's Favorite: Tsuika 1 - nōtoobu yami (translated into English: Spining-Notes-of-Darkness)(Affect is that a Big black tornado of Bad singing Notes Swirl around the foe and make them go crazy and they lose there hearing the attack does not work on mizuki only on foes) can speak English and Japanese.i am gonna stop here and add more later...byez!:3
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