Moon Original Style v2

Moon's 2nd Version

Moon Original Style

Moon's 1st Version

"My only destinity it's protect my emeralds, nothing more..."

"The light has been gone. Time to share my darkness..."

"I'm not afraid to lose any battles..."

"Don't waste my time, I have things to do... or at least you need a reason to let me here with you..."



Full Name: Moonlight the Dark Hedgehog

Nickname: Moon

Age: 18

Born: October 20th

Gender: Male

Type: Speed & Power/Dark


Weight: 110

Girlfriend: Jasmin the Hedgehog

Allies/Friends: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, Vector the Crocodrile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Marine the Racoon, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Bark the Polar Bear, Tikal the Echidna, Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Fiona the Fox and Scourge the Hedgehog

Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic, Metal Moon 3.0, Noom (Anti Moon), Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and Knuckles.exe

Supports: Blaze the Cat, Marine the Racoon and Rouge the Bat

Unsupports: Amy Rose (Confusing him with Sonic) and Purity the Hedgehog

Powers: Turn on dark all at his step and the power he receive

Family: Starlight (Mother), Eclipse (Father), Lust (Sister), Nightwind (Brother) and Galaxy (Sister)

Song: Alone by BFMV


Moonlight was born on October 20 on the moon, when his mother Starlight was very proud to have her first child, Eclipse was very happy happy but they couldn't continue for so long, they had to defeat Anti Eclipsarlight in Andromeda or darkness was to disappear forever. Starlight wanted Moonlight to be with them but Eclipse refused for fear that something bad will happen to Moonlight, Starlight understood all and before leaving, they gave their best to stay alive and protect his temple at all costs

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