New Lust

Real Lust style

"I'm the best girl.. princess of dark and you're nothing for me"

"Be careful with what you choose... you, sweet thing"



Full name: Moonlust the Dark Hedgehog

Nickname: Lust

Age: 17

Born: September 20th

Gender: Female

Type: Speed and Fly/Dark

Height: 3'7

Weight: 100

Boyfriend: N/A

Friends: Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Fiona the Fox

Enemies: Eggman, Tsul (Anti Lust) and Sonic.exe

Supports: Rouge the Bat and Scourge the Hedgehog

Unsupports: Purity the Hedgehog

Powers: Black Hole, Dark Chaos Blast and Black Unity

Family: Starlight (Mother), Eclipse (Father), Moonlight (Brother), Nightwind (Brother) and Galaxy (Sister)

Song: N/A


Lust was born in Andromeda, for strange reasons Lust didn't feel alone instead of live with Starlight and Eclipse, every night when she looked the moon for 30 minutes she imagined moments with that brother who wants to see someday. Other nights, when Lust didn't looked at the moon she dreamed of his brother and sometimes those images turn into continuations of what she imagined.


  • Lust was born 1 month before Moon's birthday
  • Lust can turn her body like she want
  • Lust's best outfit: Black short dress, pants and heels
  • Lust's Likes: Gothic Metal Music and love her brother Moonlight
  • Lust hate wear short skirts like Amy
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