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"Love isnt life but meltdown is who I am"

Name: Mya Erin Fox

Age: 17

B-day: February 18

Theme Song: Meltdown Rin Kagamine

Symbol: A black and white heart with nuclear symbol

Power: Mind Control

Forms: Techno Soul, Meltdown, Dead Soul, Bursting Angel, Dead Angel, Sparkling Angle, Hollow Rainbow, Electric Eyes.

Outfit: Red small tank top, white long gloves, red headband, red chocker, black shorts, gray leggings, black rocket boots.

Species: Fox

Lifeform: Artificial

Fur Color: Tan

Eye Color: Gold

Status: IDK...

Team: Crypton

Creator: Dr. Gerald Robotnick

Aka Names: Project Meltdown, Ultimate Lifeform: 3, Foxy Chick, Pop Fox, DJFoxy.

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Story: She was lonely up at Space Colony ARK saw Maria dwia. She was created to help Dr. Gerald Robotnick test his new robots. She always thought it was boring and thought of her like a slave. She couldnt take it anymore so she escaped with G.U.N. agents aming with there gUn at here but she made it fell through space but survived. But still remained extremely powerful and VERY smart. But she's nice to! But she's also endangered because G.U.N. soilders were sent out to find her... but other animals like Amy Rose, Cream, and Mina usally hug her REALY hard saying OMG YOUR SO FLUFFY!!!!!!! Sometimes she's anniyed with it. But sometimes [True Story] her friends get jelous because boys call her "HoT" "IDORABLE" "Smexy". But she dosent care... and she can also get a lil overboard with gum! She chews it all the time. She also loves making new friends.


Q: Why is she all about Meltdown?

A: Her life is one big Meltdown

Q: Is she single?

A: Yes you want to date?

Q: How is Mya pronouced?

A: mI-ya

Q: How come she's pink on one page when she's brownish tan on others?

A: Flipnote Studio thats were it was created and they only let you use like 3 colors...

Thats all ze infoz one more timez NO EDITS ON THIS PAGE!

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