Nicole the Hedgehog 

She's the wife of Vazz the Hedgehog and the mother of 5 kids, and the sister in law of Jayko. She may look cute and innocent,  but cross her or her husband and you'll  regret it. Though Nicole has unpredictable powers, she doesn't use them often. She fears of losing control and becoming Corentin.

Corentin is her  natural disaster form. She causes various natural disasters when in this form or if she uses her powers as Nicole. When she uses these powers, she fears herself and hurting her loved ones. Thus, she keeps her temper and sorrow under control so she doesn't cause any harm. She tries everything she can to prevent from becoming Corentin at any means possible.

She loves her husband Vazz. Although they started to become crime fighting partners, but they began to develop feelings for one another as time went on. They eventually fell in love and got married and had 4 kids: Baby Rai, Alicole, Vazz Jr.(or Vj), and Dante. They saw a young wolf girl named Sarabi and adopted her.


Nicole kissing Vazz

Nicole is friends with Voltz, her former crush. Her pokemon friend is Oscar, who's currently a dewott. She has an overprotective brother named Rocky the hedgehog, but she loves him as a little sister. Her  best friends are Rachel the fox, Harvey the bobcat, Sunshine the Echidna and Kocum the lynx. 

She is frenemies with Johnny the cyborg hedgehog. She doesn't trust him very well since he assists the dark side now and then. Johnny doesn't trust Nicole's natural disaster form, Corentin. In the past, Corentin and Johnny battled and Johnny lost, which is why he's now a cyborg hedgehog.

She hates dealing with Rebel and Jet Stream the Wickens. They always cause mischief and try to make Corentin come back. 


Nicole is the first character created by Erica F. 

Nicole is voiced by her creator. 

Nicole has a ghostlike skull on her t-shirt. 

Nicole loves ninjas and pokemon. 

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