Onyx Von Bat

Oldest of the five siblings.

Onyx Von Bat is a character created by He is the oldest of his siblings.

Basic Information

  • Name: Onyx Victor Grujaka Von Bat
  • Gender: Male
  • A.K.A: On
  • Age: 20
  • Birthplace: Central City, UF
  • Home: Coconut Acres, UF
  • Species: Bat
  • Height: 5'9 (175 cm)
  • Weight: 137 lbs. (62 kg)
  • Friends: N/A
  • Family: Jasper Von Bat, Tiger Von Bat, Jaden Von Bat (Younger Brothers), Lapis Von Bat (Younger Sister), Rouge the Bat (Cousin), Unnamed aunt and uncle, Jaden Von Bat, III (Father), Sapphire the Bat (Mother, deceased), Argus Von Bat (Uncle, deceased), Vanilla the Rabbit, Cream the Rabbit (Family Friends).
  • Enemies: The Brotherhood of the Black Dragon (Reasons unknown), Fangamaru Amakita (Archnemesis).
  • Likes: Training, his siblings, reading, taking walks, fighting, helping others.
  • Dislikes: People who diss his family, being interrupted when talking, when someone is getting fresh with Lapis.
  • Hobbies: Reading, training, helping others.
  • Favorite Food: Sirloin steak
  • Fur: Black
  • Skin Color: Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Attire: Sunglasses, white jacket, yellow shirt, cow-hyde pants, brown boots.
  • Alignment: Good
  • Powers and abilities: Fist of the Hibagon, flight, Invisibility.
  • Weakness: Heat-seaking devices.


Being the oldest, he has the most responsibility. He keeps to himself most of the time, so not even his siblings know much about him. They only know that he's had some trouble in the past, though not as much as Jade.

Becoming the 30th successor of the Fist of the Hibagon

Since birth, he was trained alongside Fangamaru in the Fist of the Hibagon. His past at this point is unknown, but like Jade and Yaku, he was good friends with "Fang". Unlike Yaku with Jade, when Onyx became succesor, rather then be jealous of him, Fang felt that HE was more deserving then him, so he became Onyx's Captain Battleship. Before leaving the temple, his sensei, Marikamu revealed that he had four brothers and a sister.


  • Onyx can be compared to Jackie Chan.
  • Though a hero, Onyx is based off of certain anime characters (Specifically, a cross between Naruto character, Pre-Chunin Exams Sasuke Uchiha, Fist of the North Star antagonist, Raoh and his parodied counterpart, Bababa-ba Ba-baba).
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