¨the hell and heaven are already on earth ¨ Pepper

about her

name: Pepper the Echidna

age: sixteen

skin color: red with yellow arrows

eye color: dark green

likes: sweets and singing

dislikes: guys, loud people, people (guys) staring at her boobs, stuff that smell and lies

Background story

Pepper grow up as with her big brother, and gets every thing that she want as long as she study´s hard. she has an amazing dad he is the king but never wears a hat instead of a crown and dresses like a plain villager and fights in with his army in times of need. her mother is always buzzy with paper work so pepper has a nanny who lets her study all the time. her brother is training in the army to bee just like his father. pepper also go´s too school and falls in love with a echidna called Shinzo, the only one that knows that she is love with him is Emmy (a pink echidna that looks like Amy) Wen pepper is seven years old a war is started with their neighbor country, and her father gives Pepper his hat and promised too come and leaves her behind. Secretly Pepper runs away too help her dad and brother, her mother noticed her running away and go´s after her Pepper gets in a fight with a strong knight on the moment he is about to delver the blow Peppers mother trows herself in killing the knight and sacrificing herself. The holy emerald the power source of the master emerald, makes itself loose from her mothers neck and winds itself around Peppers neck, unleashing a great angry power inside her and she destroys every enemy in a great energy explosion and she looses consciousness. She wakes up in her bed and hears what happened and that her father and brother died, leaving her with incredible amount of grief. Later Emmy and Shinzo come to her to comfort her and Shinzo tels her that he loves her and kisses her. Wen Pepper turns 15 he proposes too her and Pepper accepts, months later she finds Shinzo making out with Emmy filling Pepper with a hate for guys, and she takes her stuf and runs away from her country and traveles the world.


she owns incredible strength and is able to smash buildings. she´s pretty athletic and not too fast, she can make huge energy bombs with energy from the master emerald but if she uses up all energy she and the master emerald will ¨die¨ if she has no children where the holy chaos emerald can pas on too.

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