Rising sprite
Name: Rising

Age: 14

Side: good

Forms: SSJ1, SSJ2, Dark speed, Dark and ice.

Quote: "Im Rising. A member of team proud fighters."

Profile: Rising is one of Blake's friends. He is a member of team proud fighters. Rising and Blake are close friends. They have both saved the world from tiriny. Twice, Rising has the forms of SSJ1 (short for super sayin 1) SSJ2 (short for super sayin 2), speed, dark speed, dark and ice. Rising's main goal is to get rid of evil once and for all. Rising nearly got killed once. When he was on a mission with Blake, they were going to take down the Tails doll. Heres what happen: when they found the doll, Tails doll made a barrage of knives hurling toards him. He was seriously injured. Blake got pissed, and deafeted the Tails doll. Although TD escaped.

"well this is one of my first friends I have made. More of my friends are coming soon."

Blake P.S. We have done the fusion dance before in Dragon ball Z. We named it ZUNE.

1st update 3/17/11 [is my theme].

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