Shade "Amethyst" The Civet Hybrid

Basic Info:

Name: Shade "Amethyst" The Civet Hybrid

Nicknames: Shadey,Darky

Species: Civet Hybrid (CivetXWolfXDemon)



Faction: Dark Fur Colour: Black,Light-ish Black And White (Also White Stripes) Eye Colour: Purple

Likes: Power,Darkness,

Dislikes: Her Sister,Being Told What To Do

Birthday: 31st Of December

Other Information: Dark Queen Of NightCrystal,Hates Her Younger Sister,Nikita.


When Shade Was 14,She Ran Away From Home After A Fight With Her Younger Sister,Nikita.She Ran Away To NightCrystal,A Dark City,Where All Dark Mobians Lived.She Didnt Have Anywhere To Live,So She Had To Live On The Streets.A Few Weeks Later At Night,A Mysterious 16 Year Old,Black Wolf Named Hydron Found Her On The Streets,She Was Starving,Thirsty And Hurt.Shade Looked Up And Said "Huh?" Hydron Stared At The Hurt Hybrid,"Are You Okay?" He Whispered In The Darkness.Shade Replied,"Uh,Yes....Who....Are.....You?" Hydron Laughed,"I'm The Prince Of NightCrystal,Everyone Knows That" He Whispered.Shade Sighed,"Why Are You Here?" She Asked, Hydron Looked Around In The Darkness,"Well,I Kept On Seeing You Here And I Kept On Feeling Sorry For You,So I Wanted To Help You," He Said,Then He Yawned," Come On,I'll Take You To The Palace" Shade Got Up,She Was Very Weak,So Hydron Helped Her Walk Across The Streets. When They Got There,Hydron Took Her To A Spare Room."I'll Go And Get You Something To Eat And Drink" Hydron Said Tiredly,And Then He Went Into the Kitchen.A Few Minutes Later Shade Heard Something,It Came From The Kitchen,She Quickly Ran Into The Kitchen To See That Prince Hydron Was On The Floor,"Hydron!" She Said In A Worried Voice,Hydron Had Fainted.Shade Woke Him Up,Then She Tried To Heal Him,"Uh....Thanks.....What's Your Name Again?You Didnt Tell Me What Your Name Is,Heh" He Asked, "Shade" She Replied In A Sad Voice,Hydron Looked At Her,"Shade?" He Said."Shade "Amethyst",I Ran Away From Home,Because Of My Sister,Nikita.I've Always Hated Her....." Shade Said Tiredly,She Yawned, "Oh...." Hydron Replied. 5 Minutes Later After Talking About What Happened A Few Weeks Ago,Hydron Took Shade To The Spare Room They Were In 10 Minutes Ago. "Here,You Can Sleep In Here,Oh Yeah,Heres Something To Eat And Drink" Hydron Said,Then He Gave Shade A Drink And Something To Eat,Then He Walked Out of The Spare Room.

A Few Months Later Shade Became The Princess Of NightCrystal And Then 6 Years Later,She Became The Queen Of NightCrystal.


Shade Is Moslty Evil,She Hates Her Younger Sister,But She Can Be Nice And Caring.Shade Will Easily Get What She Wants.


Shade Can Dodge Any Attack That Her Opponent Throws At Her And She Can Use Dark Powers That Will Slow Time,To Know What Her Oppenent Will Do Next And More Powerfull Abilites.


No One Knows About Shades Family,Shade Thinks The Rest Of Her Family Dead.

Sister: Nikita "Amethyst" The Skunk Hybrid


Hydron: King Of NightCrystal

Hydron Was The One Who Saved Shade From The Streets When She Was 14.Hydron Married Her And Shade Became Princess Of NightCrystal.

Rouge The Bat

They're Both Best Friends,Shade Found Rouge At The Master Emerald Shrine About To Steal The Master Emerald,When Shade Decided To Help Rouge Steal It,But Knuckles Stoped Them And Then The Both Ran Away To Steal Some Other Gems.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow Saved Her From A Space Colony Ark That Was About To Crash To Earth,Shade Will Always Be Gratefull To Shadow For Saving Her.

Mephiles The Dark

Shade Helped Mephiles Escape From Sonic Once.

Espio The Chameleon

She Found Espio Doing Some Ninja Training In A Forest,At First She Didn't Really Like Him,But Now She Dose Like Him.

Silver The Hedgehog

They Met Up Oneday In Holoska And Became Friends.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Shade Gets On With Sonic,But They Don't Like Eachother Most Of The Time.


Nikita "Amethyst" The Skunk Hybrid

Shade Hates Her,To Her She Dosen't Exist Most Of The Time.


She Hates Him Just For Destroying Cities And Stuff.

Amy Rose

She Hates Amy For Annoying Sonic All The Time.


Shade Stoped Her From Destroying Aqua'in In The Future.

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