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Shade The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth She Is His Mother

Shade The Hedgehog: I Have 5 Sisters (Maggie, Rachael, Susanna, Amber And Jessica They Also Appear) *Smiles* I Have An Huge Sense Of Humor So Does My Sisters I Have Red Eyes White Eyelids I Have Spiked Wristbands I'm Jonathan's Real Mother I Have Two More Sisters (Nicole And Ashley) That Look Like Me (Danielle The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog And Kathleen The Hedgehog) And Alyssa The Hedgehog Look Like Me And Wear My Clothes I Have 10 Daughters In Total Including Stephanie The Hedgehog (An Very Friendly Female Hedgehog And Jonathan's Best Friend) 12 If You Count Laura And Lauren The Hedgehog

"I'll Get Us Out Of Here"

-Shade The Hedgehog

Shade The Hedgehog

Shade Is Jonathan's Successful Creation Not Much Is Known About Shade Except She Has 10 Daughters And 1 Son (Jonathan The Hedgehog) Whom She Caters To In His Time Of Need Shade Is Also Gothic But Friendly And Interacts With Jonathan And Her 10 Daughters A Lot She Has Beautiful Red Eyes She Kisses Jonathan A Lot Just Because Shade Wears Gothic Clothing Doesn't Mean She Is Emo She Is Tons Of Energy That Is Released


  1. Name: Shade The Hedgehog
  2. Species: Hedgehog
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Age: 14
  5. Other Names: Shade, Shade The Hedgehog, Ultimate Lifeform # 2 (Jonathan Is # 1)
  6. Color: Black/Red
  7. Height: 5"10
  8. Weight: 200 Ibs
  9. Birthplace: Jonathan's Lab (Westopolis)
  10. Ability Type: Speed
  11. Mother & Father: Naomi The Hedgehog (Shade's Birth Mother And Jonathan's Godmother) Naomi Is Very Hot, Sexy And Attractive Godmother To Jonathan She Also Appears In Fanfics As Team Shade's Member Naomi Is Cute, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful, Caring And Considerate She Takes After Jonathan In Speed, Chaos Powers And Abilities And Super Form She Looks A Lot Like Shade In Apppearance, Looks, Clothing
  12. Weapon: Pistols, AK-47 And Sawed Off Shotgun
  13. Team Shade: Shade The Hedgehog,Alyssa The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Susanna The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog, Danielle The Hedgehog, Amber The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Nicole The Hedgehog, Ashley The Hedgehog, Jonathan The Hedgehog (Fastest Thing To Exist) And Stephanie The Hedgehog, Naomi The Hedgehog (Newest Member)
  14. Transportation-Their Turbo Skates
  15. Alignment: Good

Jonathan The Hedgehog

Shade Considers Jonathan To Be Her Son Because She Taught Him What She Knew An Visit From His Godmother Naomi The Hedgehog Made Jonathan Happy Inside Naomi Sees Her Grandson For The First Time In Years Naomi The Hedgehog Was Actually Pretty Young When She Met Jonathan She Was 13 And Jonathan Was 19 And Now Is 14 Naomi Joins Team Shade On Missions As Their Reliable Member Shade Often Turns To Jonathan For Helpful Advice Jonathan Surprisingly Gives Out Great Advice

Alyssa The Hedgehog

Shade And Alyssa Hold An Strong Bond They Think Alike And Love To Help Out On Missions

Maggie The Hedgehog

She Has Great Friendship With Maggie

Susanna The Hedgehog

No Info

Carla The Hedgehog

No Info

Appearances In Fanfics

Team Shade: Saving The World


Shade Is Jonathan's Mother But She Is His Sidekick As Are Her Daughters And Naomi They Are Team Shade In The Fanfics

Shade Shares The Same Birthday And Birthyear As Jonathan (February 1st, 1993)

Shade Is Jonathan's Female Equalivant Debuted In The Same Game As Jonathan Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) Where They Were Members Of The Hero Side Sonic Established That Jonathan Had Heroic Characteristics Which Led To Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005 Video Game) That Game Wasn't Even Dark Instead It Was Full Of Positive Messages Jonathan

Shade Is Jonathan's Best Friend Ever Since She Nurtured Him

Shade And Jonathan Look Alot Like Each Other

Shade Likes Video Games Same Goes For Jonathan

Shade Also Appears In Alexa The Hedgehog: Post Apocalyptic Future (Movie)

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