Classic Shadow The Hedgehog

Classic Shadow As He Appears In Classic Sonic Adventures He Is A Bit Shorter In Comparison To Shadow Himself

Genesis Era (1991-Present)

Classic Shadow Was Jet Skating Along The Green Hill Zone Until He Notices Robotnik Turning The Animals Into Badniks Classic Shadow Sped Off Followed By Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog, Classic Sonic The Hedgehog, Classic Miles "Tails" Prower, Classic Knuckles The Echidna, Classic Silver The Hedgehog And Classic Julie-Su The Echidna

Classic Shadow Vs. Robotnik

During His Journey To Marble Zone Classic Shadow Sees Robotnik Up In The Air Classic Shadow Who Senses Danger And Uses His Arm To Punch Robotnik's Carrier

The Fall Of Death Egg

Meanwhile With Classic Shadow Who Had A Tough Time Trying To Beat Robotnik Whereas Classic Jonathan And Anne The Hedgehog Took On The Death Egg Robot

Classic Super Jonathan The Hedgehog And Anne Vs. Death Egg Robot

With Classic Shadow Knocked Out Cold Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog Brings Out His True Power Classic Super Jonathan The Hedgehog (Much Like Original Super Jonathan The Hedgehog) But With 3 Differences 1. His Fur Is Yellow And Red (Much Like Super Jonathan The Hedgehog) 2. He Has Black Eyes 3. He Retains His White Chest Fur He Is Completely Invincible While Classic Anne The Hedgehog Turned Super As Well Having The Same Fur Color As Jonathan's (Yellow/Red) She Had Extremely Long Hair She Now Wore Her Yellow Clothes In Place Of Her Casual Clothes As They Fought The Death Egg Robot She Held Jonathan's Hand And They Rammed Into The Death Egg Robot Classic Shadow Now Awake Sees This As His Chance To Finish Him Off Classic Super Shadow Rams Into It Destroying It

The Ultimate Battle

So Classic Anne The Hedgehog, Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog Found An Hidden Cave Where They Found Jonathan's Sister Classic Danielle The Hedgehog In Her Stasis Tube Along With Her Pal Classic Lilly The Hedgehog They Were Freed From Their Stasis Tubes Which Reunited The Hedgehogs As "The Trio Of Heroes" Classic Shadow However Was Flung To The Wall By An Mysterious Female Force That Classic Shadow Couldn't Comphend What It Is Or What It Was Now Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog Looked Up To See An Dark Blue Nega Female Hedgehog Grinning Happily To See Classic Jonathan Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog Demanded To Know Who She Was And Who She Worked For She Revealed Herself To Be Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog And She Worked For An Very Peaceful Organization Whose Goal Was To Stop Robotnik's Plans Of World Domination Their Base Was Stationed In Sky City It's Members Are Very Nice And Polite To Jonathan The Hedgehog One Of Them Nega Darcy The Hedgehog Was Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog's Friend Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog Considers Herself To Be A Hero Much Like Jonathan Himself And So Jonathan Teamed Up With Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog To Stop Robotnik's Latest Creation Metal Sonica V3 Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog During This Time Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog Was Trying To Launch Her Satellite For The First Time So That Way Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog Could Gain Access To Her Spaceship Once That Happens She Looked For The Nearest Entrance Nega Annabeth Appears In The First Scene Of Classic Shadow The Hedgehog: Genesis Where She Is Seen Talking To Classic Jonathan And Anne The Hedgehog Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Dark Blue Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals

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