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Sherri The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Sister Along With Tiffany The Hedgehog And Samantha The Hedgehog, Rachael The Hedgehog And Shade The Hedgehog She Wore An Dark Grey Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Grey Jeans, Orange/White/Dark Grey/Black Ties/ Orange Shoes She Had Her Spiked Hair Downwards With Black Fur And Red Quills She Wore Black Lingerie Gloves She Had Red Fingernails She Had Two Silver Earrings On Her Left Ear And An Earring On Her Right Ear She Had Red Eyelids Front Black And Red Quills She Had Black/Red Arms And Long Black Eyelashes And Had Chain Belt On Her Jeans She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises

Early Life And Adventures

Sherri The Hedgehog Grew Up On Westside Island Along With Her Siblings She Is The Youngest Of Them All As She Became An Friendly Leader Of The Group As They Fight Evil And Save Mobius From Evil

Stopping The Doomsday Launch Sequence

They Reached The Death Egg Zone And Successfully Shut Down The Doomsday Cannon

Backstory And Information

Sherri The Hedgehog Was And Is An Sweet, Kind, Considerate, Helpful, Humble, Respectful And Thoughtful Little Girl Willing To Help Out Anyone At Anytime Of Need And Can Provide Useful Tools To Them She Went As Far As Building An Stationary Base In Mobius Sherri Would Give Anything To Protect Mobius And It's Citizens


Sherri The Hedgehog Is An Kind, Considerate And Thoughtful Hedgehog Who Remains Loyal To Her Family Throughout Her Years

Family (Relatives)

Rachael The Hedgehog-Sister

Tiffany The Hedgehog-Sister

Shade The Hedgehog-Sister

Amanda The Hedgehog-Sister

Samantha The Hedgehog-Sister

She Is The Mother Of Her Daughters


Sherri's Favorite Food Is Hamburgers, Pizza, Hot Pockets, Waffles And Swedish Meatballs

Sherri's Full Name Is Sherri The Hedgehog

Sherri Fights For Justice And Preserves Mobius For Her Own Race Of Female Hedgehogs

Her Younger Sister Is Lynn The Hedgehog (Who Looks Like Sherri)

Sherri Is The Good Counterpart Who Loves Freedom And Is Opposed To Inhumanity And Injustice And Destruction

Sherri Says She Sleeps With Her Teddy Bear At Nighttime Which Is To Protect Sherri

Sherri Is Extremely Fast She Has Shoes That Make Her Go Fast

Sherri's Super Form Is Turbo Sherri The Hedgehog 3 (The Most Powerful And Invincible One Around)

Theme Songs

One Of A Kind (RVD + Sherri Mix) (Sherri's Hero Theme)

Heroic Deed (Sherri's Second Hero Theme)

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