The city of Siag is the capital city of the continent "North Moebia" on Moebius, and the main center of operations for the Anti Mobian Army. Siag is a symbol of Moebian might and perseverance to many AMA forces and civilian members of the Anti Mobian Federation. Siag's hardy citizens have been through both prosperous times and dire ones as well. In fact Siag's population is known to have openly token up arms against Scourge the Hedgehog and his lackeys during the Grand Revolution and 86% of it's population have personally registered for active service while the  remaining 14% have helped out the military in civilian aid projects  during the trials that it's people have faced.


Under the "Great Peace" set about by one King Jules the hedgehog Siag was a humble, yet prosperous city economically and politically. However under the rule of King Scourge Siag felt a drastic decline all across the board and it eventually fell into a meager slum city.


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