Spazz the Hedgehog

Spazz the Hedgehog is a Fan Based Character made by

Background story

Half hedgehog,half angel, and a princess in secret, Spazz only lived with her parents for the first four years of her life. Her mother was a queen and her father was a king. Spazz and her family were attacked by the Wing-Breakers; a mysterious enemy that took Spazz away along with her childhood best friend Jedd The Hedgehog. Both Children were taken away because the Wing-Breakers suspected that they were both angels and wanted to take away their power and memories to dominate the world. Both children where meant to be together and as well to save the planet from destruction and domination of the Wing-Breakers. The Wing-Breakers placed them to sleep in two separate capsules; first erasing their memories. But one of the machines went wrong and exploded, leaving the children's memories of their feelings and existence of knowing each other forgotten. Both capsules fell in different directions from the airships, leaving both orphans to survive on their own. Spazz became street wise and lived with other orphans who where on the streets. At the age of 18, she suddenly discovered more of her abilities and her physical ageing stopped. The Wing-Breakers plan is to hopefully wait for their moment in victory to get both hedgehogs in the right time in order to complete their evil plans and that's by capturing the Angels when their true power is revealed fully at the exact time.

As for now, Sonic and the Gang are in process of trying to get them to remember each other before the catastrophe. Will they make it in time?

Basic info

  • Name: Spazz
  • Age: Unkown (physically 18)
  • Height: 3’2
  • Weight: Secret
  • Breed: Hedgehog/Angel
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Martial Status: Married
  • Husband: Jedd The Hedgehog
  • Birthplace:Unknown (20,000 years ago)
  • Eye colour: Emerald Green
  • Hair colour: Grey,Black,Purple
  • Type: Power


  • Incredible Strength
  • Healer
  • Prophet
  • Energy ball
  • Desernment
  • Strength to punch into things and pick up heavy objects
  • Transform to Angelic Spazz; a pure white transformation


Spazz is spunky, sarcastic, sexy, rebellious, childish; but knows when to get serious. Likes to get into others head, stubborn, naive, dislikes being interrupted en route to her goal.


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