"Welcome to the Moon, I'm Starlight"

Starlight's Story

Starlight, currently known as  Moon, Lust, Nightwind and Galaxy's mother and Eclipse's wife, she had her own adventures. Some amusing, and very few sorrows. Since she was born her parents died after got an internal light attack, the attack was so critical that their parents could not say goodbye, but Starlight began to be things that a baby not does, since she was 2 years old normal, she knew making all, that everybody knows. When she had 13 normal years began to dream of the love of her life, at 15 looking for his love, and after several failed attempts, having 18, Eclipse having a very good attitude, fell in love with Starlight and she fell too. 5 years later, Eclipse declares marriage, she was so excited that she couldn't believe, after 3 normal years Eclipse opted to make her dreams come true. They flew through the universe, and Starlight had her expected family

Starlight's Bio

Full Name: Queen Starlight the Dark Hedgehog

Nicknames: Queen Starlight (by her people in another universe)

Dark Mother (by her enemies)

Age: 30 (normal) 150M (space)

Likes: Take care of her kids, darkness, be treated like a queen, and love her husband

Dislikes: Light attack, light enemies, and everyone that's more better queen than her

Powers: Chaos Control, Black Sphere, Misleading Flirting (In some moments) and Quick Karate Moves (When her rival is distracted)

Family: Eclipse (Husband), Moonlight (Son), Lust (Daughter), Nightwind (Son) and Galaxy (Daughter)

Song: N/A

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