Starr in a Cupecake outfit. Drawn by

Starr Tundra (スタータンドラ Sutātandora) is a Sonic fan character created by kayceethekitten on deviantART.


Basic Info

Name: Starr Tundra

Species: Polar Bear

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height: 3' 0"

Fur Color: A very light grey

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue


Starr is an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl who has to face many problems, one being a teenage pregnancy. Her hobbies are watching TV, writing, drawing, and taking pictures. Some things she doesn't like are negative people (or negativity in general), being bored, road trips, and really long books. She doesn't have too many friends, and is accepting of everything and everyone.



Starr is the youngest out of three children in her family. Her two older sisters are Summer and Megan. Summer is a rebellious 16-year-old, and Megan is an irresponsible, party-loving 20-year-old. Starr's parents are rarely home, and almost never pay attention to her due to Summer's rebellion.

Background Story

Some time ago, Starr loved to party, just like Megan. She always went to the wildest parties with her good friend Shade the Fox. Eventually, after one of them, she somehow found herself pregnant and totally clueless. A complete stranger, who eventually became her boyfriend, saw her crying about this and volunteered to help her out, despite the two barely knowing each other. It wasn't until later that night that she found out his name, Jack. They instantly became friends, ignoring the fact that they basically have opposite personalities.


Jack the Polar Bear

Jack is a shy guy who is a little depressed, but helped out Starr one night when he found her crying outside of her house. He is Starr's boyfriend, best friend, and neighbor.

Shade the Fox

Shade is a good friend of Starr's, despite being a little oblivious to her mood. They are both part of a team, The LuckyCharms, along with Yonnii the Cat. They hang out quite a bit, and enjoy making random parodies of everything.

Yonnii the Cat

Despite being in the same team, Starr and Yonnii don't really socialize with each other too much. When they do, it usually leads to both of them acting really hyper.

Megan Tundra

Starr's oldest sister. They get along pretty well, and have almost the same personality(The only difference is Starr is a bit more responsible and more likely to be a fangirl over something). When they see each other, they can talk for hours on end about their favorite music, foods, etc.

Summer Tundra

Starr's other older sister. They appear to dislike each other to the point where they will point out their flaws in public, including some of their most embarrassing ones.

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