Jonathan The Hedgehog's Powerful Super Form Which Was Brought Upon By The Use Of 7 Chaos Dragon Balls In This State Jonathan Has Super Jump, Super Speed And Super Power Additionally Jonathan Has Extremely Longer Yellow/Red Spikes/Quills He Is First Seen When Jonathan Transforms Into Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 To Combat Berzerk Michelle The Wolf He Had Long Spikes On His Back Side Jonathan's Fur Color Changes From Black/Red To Yellow And His Long Hair Spikes Turn Yellow Jonathan Had Much Powerful Abilities And Moves Given To Him

SJTH3's Biography

He Was Made Out Of The Combination Of The 7 Chaos Emeralds And 7 Dragon Balls To Make The 7 Chaos Dragon Balls Which In Turn Transforms Jonathan Into Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 Also Known As SJTH3 He Looked At His Power Level And Was Shocked That It Was Over 900000000 Michelle The Wolf Noted That Jonathan Was 10000000x Powerful Than Super Sonic In This Form Jonathan Has Transformed Into SJTH3 Very Often In Emergency Situations Most Recently He Went SJTH3 Against Super Bad Girl Amy Rose Who Was Virtually Weak Just As SJTH3 Had An Huge Yellow Beam Formed In His Hand Ready To Finish Off Super Bad Girl Amy Rose Super Bad Girl Amy Rose Screamed Stop!!!! SJTH3 Opened His Eyes And Said Amy? Is That You Bad Girl Amy Rose Cried Cause She Didn't Want To Get Killed All She Wanted Was For Both Her And SJTH3 To Rekindle Their Relationship And Form An Team Jonathan Reverted Back To His Normal State Not Before The Yellow Beam Blew Up Eggman's Base Jonathan Suddenly Realizes That If They Don't Team Up The Entire Planet With Blow Up

First Battle Against Berzerk Michelle The Wolf

Jonathan Was Walking Home From Mobius University Until He Sees Something Jonathan Then Goes SJTH3 For The First Time Jonathan Then Dares Berzerk Michelle To Come At Him Berzerk Michelle The Wolf Looks Up And Sees An Much Powerful Form Of Jonathan's And Wonders "Wait I Can't Beat Him If He's Like This" She Charges At Him But SJTH3 Blocks Her Attack And Sends Her Onto The Ground SJTH3 Then Formed An Huge Yellow Beam On His Hand And Fired It At Berzerk Michelle Who Wasn't Prepared For It An Large Explosion Occurred Blowing Up The Entire Sidewalk Berzerk Michelle The Wolf's Eyes Wink At SJTH3 As She Said You Got Me And She Reverts Back To Normal He Became An Rebellious-Hero Type Character Who Rebels Against Eggman

SJTH3 Vs. Dark Nega Amy Rose

Dark Nega Amy Rose Was Asking Jonathan If He Would Demonstrate His SJTH3 Powers For Her Jonathan Obliged And Transforms Into SJTH3 Who Suggests That They Should Spar For Training Which Dark Nega Amy Rose Agreed Smiled Happily The Two Were Locked In A Epic Battle SJTH3 Had The Upper Hand As He Pummeled Dark Nega Amy Rose In The Sky Performing His Signature Move The SJTH3 Firestorm Blast Which Sent Dark Nega Amy Rose Onto The Ground And Suddenly Michelle The Wolf Appears Shocked At What She Just Saw SJTH3 Lands On His Feet On The Ground Hannah The Echidna Says "Damn I Got To Admit That's One Badass Super Form For Jonathan" Flinzy The Tiger Observed SJTH3's Power And Concluded That "The Power Source Gave Jonathan Unlimited Power To Do Powerful Moves And Abilities"

Appearances In Other Comics

Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 (Archie Comics 1993-Present)-This Spin Off Comic Featured Jonathan And His Powerful Form SJTH3 On The Cover Of Issue #1 On Two Sides One Being Jonathan The Hedgehog Two Being SJTH3 (1993-94) The Plot Here Revolves Around Jonathan As He Continues His Quest To Find His Family While Fighting Various Villains The Earliest Appearance Of SJTH3 Was In Issue #1 Story 1: SJTH3's Birth Where Jonathan Was Fighting Super Scourge Who Says You Can't Beat Me I'm Powerful And The Suppression Squad Agreed Jonathan's Best Line: "Oh Really? I Beg To Differ Check This Out" And The 7 Chaos Dragon Balls Circle Around Jonathan And Soon He Became Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 The Most Powerful Super Form That Jonathan Has Had Super Scourge Couldn't Believe It Jonathan Was SJTH3 The Most Powerful Thing Alive Fiona Fox Also Points Out That His Power Level Is 9000000000 And Scourge's Is Just 2 The Fallen Hedgehogs (Metal Sonic, Sonic, Rosy, Amy And Shadow) Looked Up And Were Astonished By What They Saw Rosy Giggled And Said "Damn Jonathan's Form Looks Badass It's Better Than Super Sonic" Sonic Agreed SJTH3 Puts An Beatdown On Super Scourge And Then SJTH3 Had An Extremely Humongously Huge Yellow Beam Formed In His Hand Fires It At Super Scourge And As A Result An Large Explosion Occurs Blowing Up Freedom HQ And It's Equipment Jonathan Reverted Back To Normal And Said "Shit I'm Busted" Sally Acorn Smiled And Said "Not So My Friend It Wasn't You It Was The Impact Of That Beam That Destroyed Freedom HQ" Jonathan Felt Confident That He Didn't Do It Surprisingly The Impact Of The Blast Killed The Suppression Squad Jonathan Smiled And Did His Signature Victory Pose In Story 2: SJTH3 And The Future Freedom Fighters Vs. Tikahaos And Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 Vs. King Shadow The Hedgehog SJTH3 Can Now Travel To The Future Using Time Warp When SJTH3 Landed In Mobius: 30 Years Later Everybody Recognized Him As The Hero Who Put A Stop To The Suppression Squad's Plans And They Worship Him As God SJTH3 Meets Up With An Future Version Of Tikal Who Surprisingly Can Recognize Jonathan By His Super Form Tikal Tells Him That King Shadow The Hedgehog Has Enforced His Brutal Rule SJTH3 Puts An End To All Of It By Blasting King Shadow's Castle With His Yellow Beam An Large Explosion Occurs Destroying King Shadow's Castle Presumably Killing Him, Lien-Da, Knuckles And The Dark Legion In Story 3: The Suppression Squad Returns In This Story Jonathan Once Again Finds Himself In Trapped Inside An GUN Facility For Experimentation So Jonathan Goes SJTH3 Who Curls Up Into An Yellow Electron Bomb And An Large Explosion Occurs Blowing Up The GUN Facility And It's Equipment And SJTH3 Escapes From The Facility With Ease While He Was Flying In The Air Suddenly He Was Teleported To The Master Emerald Where An Mysterious Hedgehog Named Luna Who Hates Everything About SJTH3 And Wants Him Dead This Really Enraged And Ticked Off SJTH3 Who Attacked Luna With Everything He Had Luna Actually Felt Pain And Said "Oh God Please Turn Me Good" In A Instant Luna Was On The Good Side Luna Helped SJTH3 Track Down The Master Emerald Just As SJTH3 Can Fly Off Again He Was Attacked By An Evil Female Hedgehog And He Decided To Face Her She Quickly Backed Down Like A Coward As SJTH3 Approached Her SJTH3 Makes His Debut In Darkness: Random Fight As An Starring Character Where He Is Seen Fighting Nega Amy Rose Using His Unique Moveset Given To Him Nega Amy Rose Tried To Absorb His Power To Make Her Super Nega Amy Rose 3 There Was One Problem Jonathan's Power Was Unabsorbable Which Really Pissed Off Nega Amy Rose As She Was Dealt An Final Blow With Jonathan Standing Over Her Victorious And Young Nega Amy Rose Jumping For Joy Applauding Jonathan's Heroic Efforts

Meeting Hinote The Cat 

One Day While SJTH3 Was Fighting Commander Brutus In The Fleetway Universe As Part Of SJTH3's Investigation As To What Caused His Timeline To Be Destroyed SJTH3 Comes Face To Face With His Arch-Nemesis Fleetway Super Amy Rose Hinote The Cat Jumped From A Building And Landed On The Ground Hinote The Cat Introduced Herself Along With Her Twin Sisters Nicole The Cat And Blaze The Cat Soon Luna The Hedgehog Was Dragged Into This Mess Luna Surprised Jonathan By Telling Him That She Has The Form Of His Lookalike Shade The Hedgehog With Her Voice And Everything Jonathan Gasped And Said Luna How Come You Didn't Tell Me This Earlier And Luna Also Told Him That The Evil Luna Is Her Doppelganger Was Affiliated With The Eggman Empire Fleetway Amy Rose Informs Him That He Was An Archie Character SJTH3 Tells Her "Yeah I Know But My Timeline Is Broken" Fleetway Amy Rose Gasped And Tells Celeste This Celeste Gasped As Well And Said "Oh My How In The Heck Did That Happen"

Sonic Flash (YouTube Series)

He Appeared In All Episodes Of Sonic Flash Where In One Episode SJTH3 Is Confronted By Two Girls Who Happened To Work For Eggman Empire They Said They Killed All The Important Characters SJTH3 Attacked Both Of Them Like A Savage Animal The Spirit Of Amy Rose Appears To Assist SJTH3 In Battle Amy Then Reappeared As Her Normal Self  And Then Unexpectedly Went Super Amy Rose 3 To Give Jonathan His Equal In Super Form Jonathan Was Surprised That Amy Was Spared Amy Herself Giggled And Said "I Know I'm The Most Popular And Requested Character Here" Together Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 And Super Amy Rose 3 Combated The Two Girls

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