Classic super shadow render by retro red-d65h6nu

Classic Super Shadow As He Appears In Shadow Generations And Shadow The Hedgehog: The Rise Of Dark Neo Metal Sonic

Super Transformations

Classic Shadow Has Transformed Into Classic Super Shadow On Numerous Occassions Most Recently Classic Jonathan, Classic Sonic, Classic Shadow, Classic Silver And Classic Brian The Hedgehog Went Super To Combat Super Scourge But Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog's Super Form Becomes Corrupted And He Had Dark Blue Quills And Longer Dark Blue Spikes But He Retains Jonathan's Personality Which Leads To Epic Fails From Classic Shadow

Powers And Abilities

Much Like Super Shadow (Modern) He Is Very Fast He Can Do Chaos Control Watch Out For His Super Move "The Ultimate Blast" It's Power Can Take Out Any Enemy On Screen Jonathan's Is Rather More Powerful And Devastating It Is Called "The Ultimate Sonic Boom" Which Causes An Instant Light Bomb Flash Which Blinds The Enemies Destroying Them In The Process

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