Tara Rabbit 46

Backround Story

Tarz was a well raised kid, born in the future. She loved making her mum and dad laugh and smile. But then she was 13 and got her fire powers. She then had Blaze make her take her place as ‘princess’ of her homeland. The reason for this was that Blaze had sacrificed herself and was no longer with them. So she started to grow a crush on Silver so they went out for a while. Blaze then returned so Tarz asked her if she wanted to be ‘princess’ again. Blaze then said, “I could be leaving again anytime now.” So Tarz remained as ‘Princess’. But then Tarz had a talk to Silver which ended up having her say, “I want you to go back to Blaze. She needs you.” So Silver and Tarz ‘broke up’ and He went back to Blaze. As she met a Black hedgehog with brown scruffy hair called, Flash. They end up liking each other but deny it and Flash always teases her.

Friends / allys / rivals

Sophz Echidna;

Tara strives to be one of Sophz besties, HATES making her angry and when someone has pissed her off she tries to cheer her up which sometime works and sometimes doesn't. Tarz and Sophz are like twins that look nothing alike.

Jacqui Hedgehog;

Jacqui has been Tarz friend a while, Tarz allways feels bad when Cara finds her and Jacqui tells us to leave and not to worry about her. Jacquis a part of Dead Summer and TC with Tarz, Sophz and Abbey.

Abz Fox;

Abbey and Tarz have hardly anything in common, but are still good friends. She hardly ever gets to see her now that she live on Angel island.

Flash Hedgehog;

Flash acually like likes Tarz in which she also does but they dont.. you know.. go out. Tarz has been going back and forth about asking him considering she doesn't know that he likes her too.


Tarz is a laid-back Bunny who loves drawing and reading Manga. But when she gets really mad out comes the scythe! she gets freaked out about 'Yaoi' Whenever it appears in front of her. (litteraly)


Darkspine Tarz: Tara's dark form. She only goes into it when one of her friends are hurt badly by a bad person.

Sol Tarz: Tara's Super form. Takes it in Hard battles with final bosses and things.

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