thumb|300px|left"At least we have dignity, unlike you people""


There are 4 membes of Team Chaos:

Sophie 'Sophz' Echidna: Sophz is the power type of the group, the oldest at 15 years of age.

Tara Rabbit: Tarz can fly, this helps the team allot. She is the smallest of age at 13 years.

Abigail 'Abby' Fox: Abigail can also fly, she is the skill type of the group. She is 14 years old, she has very good cooking skills, and knows allot about fish and flowers.

Jacqui Hedgehog: Jacqui is the speed type, but very good in skill. She is 14, she is very good with books and finding info out for the group

Background story

The real story the Team Chaos begins in real life. They had all became really good friends and wanted to form a team. Everyone else had a team and they wanted one to compete aganist other people.

Team Choas Dudes

thumb|244px|right|Team Chaos Dudes TeamThese are the boys of the Team

Blake: Power

Josh: Skill

Jack: Speed

Flash: Fly

They are the girls best friends, made into a boy team. The boys met by the girls. One day the girls were all chatting and the boys were all really bored. They started to talk and find out that they had allot in common and thought to creat a team of themselfs.


  • The oldest member is Sophz Echidna.
  • They have 4 team members, not 3.
  • The team theme is 'Leave it all to me' Miranda cosgrove (C)
  • They have codes for out in the feild.
  • The youngest member is Tarz Rabbit
  • The Team Chaos Dudes theme is 'What do you want from me' Forever the sickest kids (C)
  • Sophie, Tara, Jacqui, Abi, Jack and Josh are really friends in real life
  • In real Life, Sophz is the Youngest and Tarz is the Oldest
  • In real life they have made a band up called 'Dead Summer' (c)
  • Real life, Abi plays vilion, Jacqui plays piano, Tarz plays guitar and Sophz plays the drums
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