Team Eternal is a Sonic Heroes team created by

Team Members

Team Eternal consist of 3 members.

Sugar is the Leader, and Speed member of this team.
Hallow is the Power member of this team.
Digital is the Flight member of this team.

Background Story

After Hallow being a very good friend to Sugar, while she went and lost her loved one. They grew fond of each other, very inseparable almost. While seeing a letter on the ground randomly about Doctor Eggman releasing a new ultimate weapon to be released in three days. Hallow quickly takes it as a challenge and eventually makes Sugar compromise to join him on this adventure. Quickly before they left they met a bat in the same district as them that was fascinated by Hallows, distinct alien/Nocturnas techno logic armor. Quickly growing onto her she insisted to going with them on this trip. Thus starting they're adventure in Sonic Heroes.


Team Blast: Frozen Pulse

Frozen Pulse is Team Eternal's Team Blast. Consisting of Digital using a special pulse device to stun the enemy's, whilst Sugar freezes a small circular area of the ground, Digital and Sugar duck underneath Hallow while spinning him around as he blast's his fire plasma gun off his right arm. The pulse leaves enemy's stunned further on in the stage momentarily


  • The team is named after Sugar's Project name (Project Eternal).
  • The only team with a Nocturnas type of character.
  • This is the only team where the leader/speed character is the shortest.
  • Sugar the whole time is suffering from seeing Shadow again, after she had watched him supposedly die in Sonic Adventure 2. Seeing him not remember who she was or where she had came from automatically made her think he had to be some sort of clone or robot. Eventually at the end of the game he starts to vaguely remember her. But only barely.


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