Team Extreme was created by Questa the hedgehog (For more information on this character, go to her page in the Hedgehogs catagory on the homepage) for the heck of it. After she met the two other members, Candy the cat (Look in the Cats catagory) and Hope the fox (Look in the Foxes catagory) she decided to make a team. They all had names in mind. Hope wanted to call it Team Funhouse, Candy wanted it to be Team Tough and Questa wanted it to be Team Extreme. Although Questa liked the name Hope came up with, she thought Team Extreme fit them better because they all rode Extreme Gear. The others agreed, and so the team was born.


Questa the Hedgehog:

Questa is the leader of the team. She's the one who gets them on them on missions or adventures. Since they all ride Extreme Gear, she has her own. She called it "Sandstorm". Fitting too, since if she rides it in a circle it creates a tornado. It is yellow with black swirls. Questa is flight on Team Extreme due to her tele-kinesis.

Hope the Fox:

Hope is the caretaker of the Extreme Gear the team uses. She is an expert in mytholigy as much as Tails is in machinery. If they go to an old temple on a mission or something she always seems to have information on it. Her Extreme Gear is called "Myth." since it is actually a rare type of Extreme Gear. It is silver with violet stripes wrapping around it from top to bottom. Hope is power on Team Extreme because of her massive amount of strength.

Candy the Cat:

Candy is the one who keeps Questa in line. She is an expert in different fighting styles and has taught Questa some of what she has learned. She also carries a weapon around, which is a metal bat. Her Extreme Gear is called "Power House" due to it's ability of being able to crash through a lot of things. It is black with white jolly rogers (Like the ones you see on pirate ship flags). She is speed on Team Extreme since she can make lighting fast moves, though her speed isn't like that of Sonic's, her abilities match Blaze's.


So far Team Extreme hasn't been on very many large missions yet, so this section is still in progress. (Creators note: If you would like to have your character in this article, please ask on the talk page. Thank you.)

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