The Von Bats

One big happy family

The Von Bat Siblings are five bats created by who are four brothers and a sister. Each one has been trained in a powerful form of martial arts, named after their respective birthstones and is a member of the Grujaka Clan of Bats.


Onyx Von Bat (Oldest, Fist of the Hibagon)

Jasper Von Bat (Second oldest, Fist of the Tanuki)

Tiger Von Bat (Middle, Fist of the Aosaginohi)

Lapis Von Bat (Second youngest, Fist of Amoronagu)

Jaden "Jade" Von Bat, IV (Youngest, Fist of the Dragon)

In order of strength, Jade is the strongest, Lapis is the second strongest, then Onyx and Jasper. Tiger is the weakest of the five. Each one is incredibly powerful unrivaled by most otherwise.


  • All five siblings are equivalents to Kenshiro and his brothers from Fist of the North Star as well as their Bo-bobo counterparts and they also represent other anime character stereotypes and are comparable to major tv and martial arts film stars:
    • Onyx = Sasuke Uchiha + Jackie Chan + Raoh/Ba-baba
    • Jasper = Naruto Uzumaki + Mr. T + Jagi/Bi-bibi
    • Tiger = Speed Racer + Bruce Lee + Hyo/Bu-bubu
    • Lapis = Nami + Kathy Long + Toki/Be-bebe
    • Jade = Son Goku + Chuck Norris + Ken/Bo-bobo
  • Lapis is the only one out of her, Onyx, Jasper and Tiger to come close to matching Shimo's strength.
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