thumb|300px|right" I have 14 twin step-sisters and only 4 like me!!!! My life would be better if I run away " - Tiny to her sister Medii

" Seeya Sister " - Tiny to her 4 sisters.


The Cinderalla of Mobious,No her step mother loves her like her own child,but her step-sisters were born on the same day she was so they call them twins thow they weren't birthed by the same mom.Thow she has 4 sisters who love her to peices,Medii,Arnold, Vita, and Amica. She was tired of it,all the yelling about her teeth being not that big ( since mice think the bigger the teeth the hotter ) and her hair being red ( since there here were black and blonde ) or because she was blind in one eye.She ran away from home with only a bag of clothes and a bit of food.She then met a lioness named Mellisa and they are now roommates. Has had 4 boyfriends but she dumped them all. ( Don't ask why ). Is 14 when she runs away.


She is a red headed mouse,preaty self explanatory with the picture.She has a scar on her left knee but it is un-seen since she were's knee boots and white stockings.She cuts her hair a bit shorter when she gets older.Her eye color is grey and she is blind in one eye.She has bucked teeth that she can put back in her mouth whenever she wants ( special mouse XD ).She has one bang that goes infront of her eye's.


She is preaty kind and funny.Not very that preaty looking but she is not that bad since she can hide her buck teeth.She can act very mean and sarchastic thow.She is a leader and loves helping people and hates flurty girls.

Interaction with characters:

Medii the mouce -

Her favorite sister,she is the only one of the sisters ( even the one's that like her ) that she is still in contact with.

Mellisa the lion-

Her roomate and best friend.

Rouge the bat-

Has allied with her once to find a secret chaos emerald from old times.

Shadow the Hedgehog-



When Mellisa got kidnapped by him she had to fight him.


Can bite thru wood.Anything else I needa' say.Can teleport and can use a sword very great.

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