1994 Undertaker

This Is Mark Calaway In 1994 He Wore While Performing Under The Name Of The Undertaker His Casual Attire Consisted Of An Black Cowboy Hat With Purple Line Black Suit With Purple And Black Tie  His In-Ring Attire Consisted Of Black Sleeveless Shirt Mark Had Undertaker's Tattoos Purple Cleaning Gloves And Purple And Black Tie He Has Worn This One During 1994 Both Undertaker's Arms Are Fully Covered In Tattoos


From The Depths Of Death Valley


Name: Mark Calaway

Nicknames: The Undertaker, Undertaker, Deadman, The Demon Of Death Valley, Taker, The Destruction Of Pain And Sorrow (Given To Him By Sally Acorn)

Debut: Summerslam 1994

Portrayed By: Mark Calaway

Full Name: Mark William Calaway

Age: 30 (1994)

Height: 6"10

Weight: 328 Pounds

Billed From: Death Valley, California

Born: Houston Texas

Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver

Signature: Chokeslam (1994-Present)

Alignment: Good

Manager: ??? Some Say It Was Amy Rose But This Was Proven False As Undertaker Never Had A Manager That Is Until Danica Wolf Became His Manager That Is Until Undertaker Learned That Danica Was Part Of The Suppression Squad Thanks In Part To Zeiphia The Hedgehog Who Told Him This In Advance Paul Bearer Reconciled With Undertaker Until Paul Turned His Back On Undertaker Again Which Leads To Undertaker Grabbing Paul By His Neck And Chokeslamming Him Onto The Concrete Undertaker Since Then Has Been Going At It Alone Destroying Enemies In His Path

Appearance In The Sonic World

Undertaker Was Teleported From His WWF World And Brought Upon To The Sonic World By The Order Of Light Undertaker Realizes That He's In A World With Furry Animals Everywhere Undertaker Suddenly Realizes He Must Interact With The Hedgehogs Who Were Extremely Terrified Of Him To Which Undertaker Doesn't Know Why He Is Scary Until Michelle The Wolf Pointed Out That Undertaker

Cleaning Out The Trash

Undertaker Made His Way Thr


Bells And Thunder (1995)
Undertaker Bells and Thunder V3 The Height of Darkness

Undertaker Bells and Thunder V3 The Height of Darkness

Fully Loaded (1998)

Graveyard Symphony (1995-1998-1999)
WWF Undertaker Theme 1994-1997

WWF Undertaker Theme 1994-1997

Which WWF Sponsored With Mobius
The Undertaker's Fully Loaded 1998 Theme-0

The Undertaker's Fully Loaded 1998 Theme-0

Note: This Is The First Time Undertaker Sported An Different Gothic Look

Grim Reaper (1994-96) (When He Murdered Simoon Tao)

Ministry (1998 When He Was Lord Of Darkness)

The Punisher (Rare Theme 1997-98)-This Was The Rare Theme That Undertaker Used In July 2 1997 To August 15 1998

Doomsday Zone (STC Mix) This Has Served As Undertaker's Official 1998 Theme


Undertaker Is The Only One Able To Use His Actual 1995 Theme (Bells And Thunder)

Undertaker Towers Over Danica Wolf, Rosalina The Hedgehog, Tikal The Echidna, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Esther The Fox, Clarity The Fox And Knuckles The Echidna At 6"10 And 328 Pounds

Undertaker's Intro Is A Deadman Undertaker Walking Towards The Ring Wearing His 1994 Attire And Casual Attire With Undertaker's 1995 Theme Bells And Thunder Playing In The Background

Undertaker's Finisher Is The Tombstone Piledriver

Rosalina The Hedgehog Was Tombstoned By Undertaker 20 Times

Undertaker Hates Being Insulted And Getting Insults

Undertaker Has A Manager (Paul Bearer)

The Undertaker's 1998 Fully Loaded Theme Was Actually When Undertaker Made His Entrance In Mobius

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