Vylit Nyrene

Vylit copy

Basic Info

Vy (friends)
Vy-Ny (exclusive to Jamboree)
Miss (boyfriend)
Vyle (mock name)

Gender female
Age 17
Date of birth October 31st.(unsure of year)
Place of Birth Nayarenne (a place half way between knothole and Soleanna)
Species Hedgehog (purple)
Height 91.4 cm (3 ft)
Weight 27.2 kg (60 lbs)
Based on Sonic the Hedgehog: Next Gen
Ability Type Speed
Occupation Maid/Cleaner
Team/Alliance Revolution
Position Name
Leader Raika Wolf
2nd in charge Coreander Sativum
Records Amaranth Lacrima
Technologist Jamboree Mousta
Weapons Chetney Vixen
Aerial Skip Soar
Nurse JezzaBella Fenix
Chef Solen McCoz
Seamstress Selene McCoz
Weaknesses and Strong Points
  • Manipulative when need be.
  • Knows how to defend herself.
  • Knows her limits.
  • Smarter than an average cookie.
  • Is death with a seriously.
  • Is only good with a hit-n-run, attack strategy.
  • Gives in if she thinks she can't do it.
  • Dust. Seriously.
  • Chaos Emeralds
  • Guys who are well toned
  • People who seem to care about her
  • Sugar...who doesn't have a weakness for it?
  • Rocks. Can be very clumsy if not focused.

Vylit Nyrene the Hedgehog [created by DaughterofLucifer] is an engergetic furball with a bleek outlook on life. She (as with the rest of her team) have little memory of their past yet thrive in the ruins of an ancient. With odd feelings of familiarity that none of them can quite understand.

Character Description

Physical appearance

She is, by definition standards, purple instead of violet. Her eyes a dimming emerald green. The tips of her frontal spines were dyed blue as her bangs were dyed blue with pink tips. Her 'muzzle', stomach, arms, and inner ears are a pale peach. While she normally wears Yellow eyeshadow...exception for special occasions. She sports scars on various parts of her body. The more standoutish ones on her inner thighs, back and lower stomach. These along with her abnormally low weight, was caused my her past care. She prefers to keep her spines longand never tries to style them any differently.


Pre Raika and Co.: A rag that covered what need be. No shoes.

After meeting Selene (the Seamstress), Vylit was hooked on laces. Her green and black dress is laced up the middle, front and back. Matching gloves that lace, with yellow fingertips. Matcing boots, lacing up the side in yellow with a yellow diamond imprint. Green belt sporting a yellow diamond. Black collar, given to her by Raika, with a yellow diamond. And of course weapon straps on her thighs..because honestly how do you run with a gun jamming into your stomach?


Mysterious to say the least. Having little memory of her past and what little she remembers she keeps to herself. Vylit thinks in depth and often worries more about what will happen when she dies. Her biggest fear being: Not being remembered, as if her whole existence was worth nothing.

She's semi-social. She enjoys dances and parties with her friends. Along with most childish games. She comes on as Cocky, thick headed, and a total clutz. She has little self-esteem, meaning she knows her limits and will not try to push past them. She accepts the body she was given and does her best not to complain.




Vylits skills include: cleaning. running at sonic speed. 'Borrowing' power from Chaos Emeralds. Excellent celloist/pianist. Making up absurd stories that could possibly happen.

Fun Facts

Star Sign: Scorpio

Blood Type: O-

Species/Race: Nayarenne Hedgehog

Powers & Skills: SuperSpeed (what hedgehog doesn't?)
Chaos Nova: An extreme chaos emerald ability used only when in dier need. Side effect of weakening mental stability.

Type: Speed

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Morality: Has her own system of morality.

Team Name: Team Revolution

Team Members: Raika Wolf (power) and Skip Soar (Fly)

Favourite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhiches

Favourite Drink: Citrus Soda and Red Wine

Favourite Colors: Yellow, Gold, Black

Favourite types of music: Classic, Vocal, Goth, Rock, Metal

Favourite smells: Chocolate. Dragonsblood. Pina Colada. Tropical Punch.

Likes: WIP

Dislikes: WIP

Known Rivals: Shadow The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Gelder Rhino, Gemma the Poodle, Eon C-190

Place of residence: Ancient Ruins


  • This profile is still being worked on, so sections are subject to change.
  • Any characters that are not familiar, belong to me.DaughterofLucifer
  • Any familiar are probably SEGA and Sonic team's.
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