Whisky the Cat is a Fan based made by

Pose colored

Whisky the Cat

Basic Info

Name:Whisky the Cat


Likes:Buff girls,games,being alone,drinking

Dislikes:being happy,sunshine


Team Ark

Their lives

Whisky was born on Mobius in 1990,before the takeover of Acorn Kingdom.The Parents gave birth to two children Whisky and Tequila,they are sort of like twins only with different color.His parents worked in the Palace of Acorn for a decade in a half. His Father was a co-assisant with Sir Charles Hedgehog in the Science Department,his Mother was an engineer designing Swat Bot guards for the Kingdom.Whisky and Tequila went to Acorn Elementary where they met their friends Savage,Jenny,Cherise,Hefty,and Martini.

The Takeover

During the day on their Graduation Ceremony,a ship hurling above the Kingdom was heading towards Castle Acorn,nobody knew what was going on until an expolsion came from the Castle. An army of Swat Bots came from hover crafts caputuring or killing anyone who resisted.They would capture and put them in the transport vehicle to be roboticized,as for the dead they will be in a pile to be set on fire.

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